One World Foods, through its operating brands, Tandoori Oven and One World Halal, has quickly earned a reputation as a leader in the production and distribution of modern ethnic and Halal foods. Combining progressive branding, innovative product selection and quality ingredients, One World Foods products are available at retailers across Canada including: Longos, FreshCo, Walmart, Sobeys, Metro, Al-Premium,  and the Adonis Group.

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Halal by Hand

All OneWorld Foods products are strictly Halal by Hand.  Halal, the simple term used to describe what’s permissible, refers to the specific process involved in ensuring the route from farm to fork, adheres the most stringent controls and quality standards. Specifically, the respect shown for any living object and the process to ensure the complete draining of the animal blood, which leads to a noticeably cleaner and better product than any comparable non-halal cut. Good things take time, and in the case of halal, that time leads to a better, cleaner and healthier product. And that’s something to be proud of.


Mission Statement

For over 45 years,the families behind OneWorld Foods have been pioneers in the introduction of Ethnic and Halal foods.  Today, proud second generation Canadian Muslims are carrying on that tradition, continuing to challenge the status quo and raise the bar, for our families and yours.

OneWorld Foods is committed to a philosophy of delivering innovative products, using quality ingredients wrapped in progressive and modern packaging and branding.   All products are available conveniently in the traditional grocery environment, through a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with that valued retailers we’re proud to be working with.

One world. One People. A thousand tastes.

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